10 Useful Skills You Can Learn in 24 Hours

Have you ever been to a gathering and wished you could do something to impress the audience? Perhaps you wish you could play the guitar or speak in a language nobody in the room understands. Although, it may seem counterproductive to speak in a foreign language, it puts more eyes on you.

More than just impressing friends and family, you can learn the basics of some skills in less than 24 hours, whether it is just a step into a career path or just something you always wanted to learn.

The goal is to know a lot without learning a lot

In this post, I’ll highlight some skills you can learn in 24 hours or less. These are simple skills that are easily overlooked because you don’t find them important or you overthink how much time it’s going to take to learn them.

1. Learn Basic HTML

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is like a mannequin with no clothes on. It’s the code used to structure how a website should look without the colors, responsiveness and flashy features. Those plain texts you see when a website doesn’t load properly are the HTML structures. Just like learning ABC, it’s the first step into the world of website development. It’s easy and fun to learn.

2. Learn Photography Basics

Can you move a bit to the left? No, just a few inches. Ok, smiiilee.

Photography is fun, no doubt. With your phone or DSLR camera, you can take good photos that are stunning and gram worthy. The core of modern photography revolves around these 4 concepts: aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed, exposure. In just 24 hours, you can get a good grasp of these concepts and all you have to do is get creative with your shots.

3. Learn Adobe Lightroom

I believe I’m not the only one that finds some pictures on Instagram unbelievable and wonder what kind of camera would produce such photos. Adobe Lightroom is like that grandma that gives you sweets and tells you not to tell mummy. Adobe Lightroom is not so popular but used by a lot of photographers for color correction, spot removal, white balance, color grading, and more.

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4. Learn How to Play Chess

Chess is an ancient game that can give you a bragging right of the word “smart”. According to chess.com, there are six different types of chess pieces – pawn, bishop, knight, rook, queen, and king. In 24 hours, you can learn the basic rules of chess, play practice games and challenge other players.

5. Learn How to Invest Money

More often than not, the average person throws the word “invest” around, with little or no knowledge of what good investments look like. There are basic rules of investing that are not taught in schools, so it’s important to give yourself adequate financial education before investing in anything.

6. Learn Excel Basics

Looking beyond the nerdiness, MS Excel is a very powerful software you can use to create personal tools such as calendars, checklists, To-Dos and more. With a basic knowledge of MS Excel, you can easily do budgeting and accounting for personal use.

10 Useful Skills You Can Learn in 24 Hours
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7. Learn Guitar Basics

It’s easy to make new friends if you can play the guitar and sing along.  You don’t even need to be an expert before you can impress your partner on a date. In just 24 hours, you can learn one or two strumming patterns and 3 major chords – G, C and D. Take it from me, you can play almost any song to any of these chords.

8. Learn Speed Reading

Speed reading holds a reputation for making unproductive time productive. Using various reading techniques, you can sharpen your speed-reading skills and consume more information in less time.

9. Learn How to Write Good Emails

Email is still the best way to reach your customers and get a meeting with anyone. For freelancers or entrepreneurs, learning how to write really good emails can help you communicate your value or offering effectively. Before you hit send on your next email, take a day to learn how to write good emails that convert.

10. Learn the Basics of Business Communication

Effective communication is the backbone of thriving businesses. The way you talk, write or listen can draw the line between good and bad customer experiences. Whether you’re a freelancer or business person, effective business communication can set you apart and take your business to the next level.