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online jobs in nigeria

Top 10 Online Jobs for Undergraduate Students in Nigeria

As an undergraduate student in Nigeria, there are countless reasons you need to make money while studying - for upkeep, to finance your education,...

10 Useful Skills You Can Learn in 24 Hours

Have you ever been to a gathering and wished you could do something to impress the audience? Perhaps you wish you could play the...

10 Digital Skills You Can Learn and Monetize From Home

In a world where a pandemic can force us to stay at home, you don’t have to be convinced that working from home is...

5 Reasons Personal Development Is Important for Success

As humans, we tend to overthink our own abilities and leave results to chance. We dream of what we can become but do little...
10 resume writing mistakes you need to avoid

10 Resume Writing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Resume writing can be daunting. You’re expected to cram your entire life, skills, and accomplishments into a few pages. Even if you’re an accomplished...